A Bank Vault For your Pocket

Bank level security with “Venmo” level usability. Level up your crypto experience with Vault Wallet

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We began by understanding the personal experiences people want in a wallet and designed it from the ground up to be visually intuitive and functionally powerful.

Real-Time Update

Application and balances are always update. No need to refresh.

Familiar Interface

Just like Paypal, ApplePay or Venmo.

Contact Management

Add and remove friends, share accounts,
and send transactions on any
blockchain frictionlessly.


Best-in-class hardware
security to encrypt private keys.

Use Offline

Queue up a transaction offline and it will send once you have a connection.

Ultra Performant

Battery efficient, extremely responsive, low latency, works in bad network areas.


Vault Wallet is a hardware wallet that you already own.replica watches Private keys are encrypted by the hardware secure element for the highest level of mobile security. While software encrypted wallets are potentially vulnerable to brute force attacks, our secure element encrypted wallet has federated control of authentication that is immune to such attacks. With Vault Wallet, your private keys can only be decrypted on your device with biometric & password authentication. This requires having physical access to your phone.

Another criterion for developing a reliable mobile wallet is securing the operating system. Our architecture is designed to monitor and protect against these vulnerabilities.

Need help using Vault Wallet?

We have put together some quick videos and instructions so you can get you personal bank vault up and running!
Vault Wallet FAQ