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We began by understanding the personal experiences people want in a wallet and designed it from the ground up to be visually intuitive and functionally powerful.

Contact Management

We built a contact service that seamlessly manages your connections. Using this feature, you can send and receive cryptocurrencies with your contacts without copying and pasting public keys!

Efficiency and Robust Connectivity

We are utilizing a power efficient and reliable protocol that is resilient in areas with bad data coverage. Enterprises and consumers using Vault Wallet will be able to send transactions and receive updates in remote locations.

Auto-blockchain Synchronization

There are no delays when you open the wallet. The wallet will synchronize with the blockchain in the background.

Web Interface

Access your account information and contacts through a web interface. Initiate transactions on the web and confirm them on your mobile device. Your private keys never leave the encrypted mobile device!


Vault is a hardware wallet that you already own. Private keys are encrypted by the hardware secure element for the highest level of mobile security. While software encrypted wallets are potentially vulnerable to brute force attacks, our secure element encrypted wallet has federated control of authentication that is immune to such attacks. With Vault Wallet, your private keys can only be decrypted on your device with biometric & password authentication. This requires having physical access to your phone.

Another criterion for developing a reliable mobile wallet is securing the operating system. Our architecture is designed to monitor and protect against these vulnerabilities.

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We are building a wallet, so you don’t have to. Our wallet’s modular architecture is designed for customization. View the services page for white labeling and asset-integration information.

Developer Tools

It’s currently a challenge for mobile developers to build native dApps for Android and iOS because they must build their own wallet to sign transactions.

With vault wallet, developers can sign transactions in their dApps. You don’t need to worry about private key management and can focus on development. Contact us below for more information.

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