Innovative Mobile Wallet Developer to Integrate Secure Digital Signature Technology into the Cognida Platform

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July 3, 2018 – Austin, TX – Leading information technology company Windmill Enterprise, developer of the Cognida platform, today announced its latest partnership with Vault Wallet, innovative creator of a fast, secure and easy-to-use mobile wallet to manage crypto-assets. The integration of Vault Wallet’s secure digital signature technology into the Cognida platform will allow enterprise customers to manage access of connected devices and machines using digital signatures.

For Cognida enterprise end-users, this means access requests to web portals, enterprise systems and other network connected digital assets are directed to hardware-encrypted wallets on mobile devices, where they can be signed by the user’s private key to authenticate the user’s identity. This, in combination with the Cognida platform, which utilizes blockchain as a decentralized back-end security and authorization database, offers enterprises new, innovative tools to secure distributed and remote assets.

“The enterprise blockchain technology ecosystem is critical to accelerate adoption of this new security paradigm,” said Michael Hathaway, co-founder & CEO of Windmill Enterprise. “The Cognida Network and platform are designed to make integrations of software like Vault Wallet’s straightforward, scalable and attractive to enterprises who wish to implement better ways to secure identities and transactions. We look forward to continuing to innovate with Vault Wallet and to welcoming additional partners to the Cognida Foundation, to contribute to our growing suite of open source security solutions for enterprises.”

“Partnering with Windmill Enterprise and adopting Cognida’s technology is a natural fit,” said Daniel Arulraj, founder of Vault Wallet. “Vault’s hardware encrypted mobile wallet provides enterprises with the highest level of mobile security in a way that is easy for them to integrate into existing services and security programs. As the blockchain market matures, technology and partnerships like the one we’re announcing today with Windmill will bring valuable solutions to businesses requiring robust security, particularly as their mobile footprints grow.”

Vault Wallet is a mobile-first wallet where all private keys are encrypted on mobile devices. Its technology approach encrypts these private keys on the hardware, providing an additional level of security. Vault also allows for a variety of crypto assets to further facilitate transactions sent on multiple blockchains, bringing enterprises flexibility they need based on the applications they wish to secure.

This announcement comes on the heels of Cognida’s recent partnership with leading decentralized mobile security solutions provider Rivetz. With Rivetz, Cognida provides enterprise customers with additional options for securing private keys utilizing Rivetz’s access to the Trusted Execution Environment (“TEE”) private “vault” inside the hardware in millions of mobile devices. In addition to recent partnerships with Rivetz and Vault Wallet, Cognida expects to launch The Cognida Network, a secure service network layer that operates on top of the Internet, on July 20.

About Cognida

The Cognida Network and its open source platform enabling enterprises to enforce their security and access permissions policies on connected devices, systems and shared information using blockchain agnostic technology. Cognida’s technology was developed by Windmill Enterprise and is being contributed to the Cognida Foundation, a US-based, non-profit organization that will be governed by its members. Learn more at

About Windmill Enterprise

Windmill Enterprise was co-founded by Michael Hathaway of Information Xchange, Inc, and Bing Byington of CareConnex. It is a Delaware C corporation and the initial developer of Cognida, an open source platform enabling enterprises to more securely manage connected devices, systems and shared information using blockchain agnostic technology. Windmill is a founding member of the Cognida Foundation. Learn more at

About Vault Wallet

At Vault, we are building a fast, secure and easy-to-use mobile wallet to manage all of your crypto-assets. Our mission is to provide a secure, frictionless experience. Our wallet will cater to everyone from the average Joe who wants to spend some bitcoin on a coffee at Starbucks to enterprises that are building services on a distributed platform. One wallet, one great experience. Learn more at