Introduction to Vault Wallet

At Vault Wallet, we’ve pioneered a decentralized universal wallet that delivers an intuitive experience without compromising security. Blockchain is disrupting the traditional definition of how we ‘trust’ but the lack of accessibility and usability is limiting real adoption. Our team of engineers set out to revolutionize the blockchain wallet industry. We envision a better future for transacting with blockchain-backed digital assets.

Two major challenges in the cryptocurrency market today are user experience and security. Current wallet infrastructure is fragmented and lacks a user-friendly solution that can be used by everyday consumers and integrated by businesses.

Our wallet solution solves the biggest hassle with wallets today – having to copy and paste public addresses. The complexity of sending a transaction typically involves asking or looking up the recipient’s public address, then carefully pasting & verifying the address before sending. Sending an ethereum transaction looks like:

Copying human-unreadable public addresses is error prone and a huge barrier of entry for many users. Vault Wallet’s contact management service solves this problem. Users can create & rename new accounts in seconds and share them with friends privately without copy/pasting a random string of characters.

These screens below display how a user can view their contacts, add a connection and  securely send a transaction without worrying about a public address!

Security requirements are a major concern when it comes to owning cryptocurrencies. Blockchain gives users absolute control of their accounts, but it also shifts the custodial burden to the owner. Cloud wallets and third-party custodial wallets are convenient because they can be accessed via websites, but suffer from counterparty risk. Software wallets are secure but can be compromised from remote attacks.

We built Vault Wallet with the best-in-class security to bring you peace of mind. All private keys are encrypted using hardware encryption to ensure the highest level of mobile security. Hardware encryption using ARM TEEs (Trusted Execution Environments) offers robust protection over software and requires access to the physical device to unlock the encrypted private keys (1).

Access your account anywhere with Vault Wallet. We created a web interface that synchronizes your mobile account to the web by simply scanning a QR code. Instantly, users can view their accounts, contacts, and initiate new transactions on the website. The initiated transactions are then relayed to your mobile device for confirmation, so your private keys are safely stored on your phone.

Our team at Vault Wallet is on a mission to consolidate the wallet market and usher in real adoption. Our product is not just for everyone who wants a great wallet experience, but also for enterprises and ICO projects looking for a wallet solution. Vault Wallet supports Android, iOS, Web and offers the following integrations:

  • Licensing – Our solution is architected to be customized and integrated in any business. Vault supports public & private blockchains
  • Asset Integration – Any coin/token can be quickly added to our wallet
  • Developer/dApps – Vault can sign transactions and smart contracts for dApps

Sign up on our website to get access to our beta release. For business and investment inquiries email us at Our team is excited to unveil Vault Wallet soon!