NOVAM Announces Partnership with Vault Wallet 

NOVAM has partnered with smart wallet provider Vault Wallet to enable hardware-level protection of digital tokens on agnostic IoT devices.

Vault Wallet’s solution accelerates distributed applications/services to the market at a fraction of the time and cost. Companies adopting blockchain technology need an easy and secure way to integrate token-storage. Their product will provide seamless integration into the NOVAM Network that is being built. Offering a full support team, best-in-class security and semi-custom feature development.

Our partnership with NOVAM allows us to extend our commitment to best in class security by offering real time IoT security monitoring and mitigation services to our clients.”

– Corey Segall, President, Vault Wallet

NOVAM is the first distributed cybersecurity solution for IoT using Distributed Ledger Technology to monitor and automatically mitigate cyber-threats in Internet-of-Things (IoT) ecosystems while providing auditing and compliance reporting. Using machine learning, AI and probabilistic mathematics, NOVAM’s monitoring and mitigation system is ever-alert, and always present while being device agnostic. This system is designed to protect networks and IoT devices by monitoring and mitigating cyber-threats and intrusions automatically.

“I am thrilled to announce a partnership with Vault Wallet as the official NOVAM service provider for secure IoT smart wallet technologies.

-Adam Perschke, CEO, NOVAM

Vault Wallet is a smart wallet provider and is engineered to interact with all IoT devices. The NOVAM Token is a utility software license that provides access to the NOVAM Network and platform for services that include monitoring and mitigating threats, auditing and regulatory compliance. In order for a connected device to be protected under the NOVAM’s software, each node it connects to will need to have at least one NOVAM token available on the node itself.

The NOVAM and Vault Wallet partnership will allow unprecedented ease of use, scalability, and functionality to the IoT threat mitigation landscape and change the way we think about cybersecurity. The partnership will also ensure future collaboration between IoT and IT customers.

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