Don't Reinvent The Wheel

We did the heavy lifting for you so you can skip the details and focus on your blockchain application.


Wire into our SDK to securely manage private keys, sign transactions with native biometric 2FA, seamlessly integrate fiat to crypto exchanges, deploy public key abstraction in the form of secure contact management, and much more, all in app.


Enterprise grade mobile security for managing private keys locally. Keys never leave the device. Support private key recovery through mnemonics and wallet backups.


Support rapid onboarding of users in opp with a robust fiat to crypto exchange gateway working across all major countries.* 


Support Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) and biometric authentication to provide a secure and frictionless 2FA experience for users. 


Frictionless user onboarding with oAuth. Support a seamless Venmo like, click and send experience through abstraction of public keys and technical info with our Contact Management Service.


Secure, scalable on-demand infrastructure for users, contacts, data, and blockchain instances, etc. (We take care of the hosting for you!) 


ETH, ERC-20 and AION supported out of the box, with virtually any blockchain integration possible upon request. Contact us and we can make it happen!

SDK Details

Our SDK is cutting edge, here are some things that are important to know!

Real Time

Be the fastest. Vault Engine is built around an incredibly high performance real time web socket core (MQTT). This means the ability to deliver instant updates.

Poor Connectivity

Vault Engine has support for and tolerates intermittent and poor connectivity environments. Greatly reducing edge case development overhead for you.


We packed a lot into a very small footprint. The entire Vault Engine payload is under 5Mb containing the entire feature set and services. This helps insure you can deploy you application on hardware of all types without worry.

Device Support

Our SDK supports both Android 6.0+, and iOS* 12+. Even more device types will be supported in the future!

Web Broswer

Allow users to enjoy a Web based companion to their mobile experience. Send/Receive transactions from the web browser without compromising key security. Transactions get replayed through the app to provide seamless 2FA experience.

Perpetual Security

We are your crypto security team. We take care of all the transaction and key security on a ongoing basis, so you can develop without worrying.  You built your app, and we will take care of security.

Developer Docs

Checkout our Vault Engine SDK Documentation to get a sense of Integration and deployment of Vault Engine in your devlopment stack

Download The One Pager

Offline one pager of the Vault Engine Stack.